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Key Highlights:

  • The FDA granted a new approval to treat HER2-Low Breast Cancer, a difficult-to-treat subtype of breast cancer.
  • The medicine Enhertu combines a couple of potent medicines for a targeted approach to attack unhealthy cells without causing harm to healthy cells.
  • In clinical trials, those who took Enhertu sustained for an average of 23.9 months, in comparison to 16.8 months for those on chemotherapy alon
HER2-Low: A New, Difficult-To-Treat Subtype of Breast Cancer: 
The drug Enhertu (trastuzumab deruxtecan) is approved to treat a type of breast cancer typically known as HER2-low. It is a kind of breast cancer that has been quite tough to treat. HER2 is a gene, responsible for making a protein exist on the surface of breast cells that helps promote normal cell progression.
In certain breast cancers, HER2 can develop an excess of those proteins, causing cells to divide and progress quickly. These are called HER2+ breast cancers, which account for approximately 20 percent of all breast cancer.
Until only recently, the other 80 percent of breast cancers were labeled as HER2-, but it’s now thought that 60 percent of those cancers could better be classified as HER2-low, meaning that the cells have some HER2 proteins on the surface, but not sufficient to be classified as HER2 +Ve.

Enhertu 100 mg Injection: A Combination of Two Potent Medicines:
Until now, those with HER2-low breast cancer had a bit more limited possible treatment options such as chemotherapy or endocrine therapy, since those intended for patients with HER2 +Ve breast cancer were not promising for the cancer subtype.
Patients with HER2+ already had promising treatments using only monoclonal antibodies. So this newly approved treatment option is exciting for those with low to indiscernible levels of HER breast cancer.
In Enhertu`s case, this medicinal product specifically combines a couple of medicines Trastuzumab and deruxtecan to work in tandem to target the lower levels of HER2 proteins.

Where to buy Breast Cancer Medicines in India:
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