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Named Patient Program | Managed Access Program

Indian Pharma Network is a group of highly qualified professionals of pharmaceutical Industry

Indian Pharma Network is a consortium of highly qualified professionals in the pharmaceutical industry, with over 20 years of experience in specialty pharmaceutical distribution. Our mission is to supply both innovator and generic products at the most competitive prices, ensuring the delivery of the right drug to the right patient or institution at the right time, globally.

We are dedicated to serving patients, the medical community, and the healthcare industry by designing and implementing patient assistance programs. Our core values of transparency, efficiency, quick response, competitive pricing, and fast delivery guide everything we do.

Benefits of the Named Patient Program (NPP):

  • Access to Unapproved Treatments: Patients with serious conditions can access potentially life-saving medicines not yet approved in their country.
  • Flexibility in Treatment Options: NPPs allow healthcare providers to explore additional treatment options for patients who have exhausted all other approved therapies.
  • Faster Treatment: Patients can begin treatment sooner than if they had to wait for formal approval or local availability.

Managed Access Program 

  • Managed Access Program in Bulgaria: We offer a comprehensive Managed Access Program in Bulgaria, providing patients with access to critical medications that are not yet commercially available in the region. This program ensures that patients receive timely and necessary treatments.
  • Early Access Program in Europe: Our Early Access Program enables patients in Europe to receive treatments before they are widely available. This program is designed to expedite access to promising new therapies for those in need.
  • Global Drug Supply from Europe: We supply a wide range of pharmaceutical products from Europe to other parts of the world, ensuring that patients everywhere have access to essential medications.

Indian Pharma Network believes in delivering enduring value to all stakeholders by adhering to its core values and code of conduct. We do not supply narcotics and sedatives, and all products are supplied against the prescription of a registered medical practitioner.

Indian Pharma Network is committed to making a positive impact in the healthcare industry through our Named Patient Program, Managed Access Program, and Early Access Program, ensuring that patients receive the treatments they need in a timely and efficient manner.

For more information on how we can assist with your pharmaceutical needs, please contact us.

What is the Early Access Program in Europe?
EAP programs enable participants to gain access to a medicine free of charge before the treatment is licensed commercially.

What are the criteria for early access program?
The general criteria which must be met are: There should be a legitimate expectation of worthwhile benefit from the investigational drug even though there is an absence of definite clinical trial data. The patient should be suffering from a life-threatening disease or chronic condition.

What are the benefits of early access programs?
EAPs allow patients to receive potentially life-changing or life-saving medicines before their national medical authorities have approved the products. And in some cases, the manufacturers of such treatments may be willing to provide them free-of-charge.

What is the named patient program in the EU?
Named-patient basis access is the supply of unauthorised medicines (or authorised medicines from a different country, see below) for individual patients in response to requests by doctors on behalf of specific, or “named”, patients and is limited to the requested named patient or patients only.

In everything Indian Pharma Network is guided by its core values and code of conduct; Indian Pharma Network believes that by doing the right thing every time, it will deliver enduring value to all its stake holders

Indian Pharma Network supply products against prescription of registered medical practitioner and does not supply Narcotics and Sedatives

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