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The drug companies rarely plan to make their products available in all the regions of the world, physicians sometimes find they are not able to access certain drugs in their own country. Other times, physicians may find that a medicine they have been using is discontinued or is in shortage.

In all these scenarios, physicians may be able to access much-needed medicines for life-threatening, long-lasting, or seriously debilitating illness/disease from another country, in order to treat their specific patients, through a Named Patient Program.

A Named Patient Program (NPP) provides patients and respective physicians access to commercially approved medicines that are not available to them in their own country. These medicines must be approved in at least a single country, from which it can be imported into the patient’s territory/country under a Named Patient Program (NPP).

These may be medicines that are:

  • Approved but not commercially accessible to be prescribed in the patient’s territory/country.
  • Approved and accessible in one territory/country but not approved and accessible in the patient’s territory/country.
  • Discontinued in the patient’s territory/country but not another.
  • In shortage in the patient’s territory/country but not another.

Indian Pharma Network: A Group of Highly Qualified Professionals of Pharmaceutical Industry can source products from all over the world, and our team handles the regulatory and logistical processes involved in drug delivery and works with physicians to ensure apt and safe use of the medicine.

Such requests for not yet authorised or not commercially accessible medicines can only be made by the treating physician of the specific patient.

If you are a physician and you wish to gain access to an unavailable medication through the Named Patient Program in India (NPP), please contact us today at: Indian Pharma Network’s receipt of the request will be acknowledged by email within 1 business day. You can also get in touch with us through our TOLL-FREE Number: 18008891064 or + 91-9310090915.

What is the Named Patient Program?
New medicines which have been approved recently in USA or Europe but not yet approved in India or the Rest of the world countries cannot be permitted to import or market commercially. However, they may be required for the treatment of some patients to save their lives who have exhausted all other available treatment options in their home country. Named – Patient Program is facilitate the import of such medicines for personal use. There is a provision under the Indian Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, which permits needy patients to import these medicine for personal use in smaller quantities. A similar regulatory provision also exists in other countries as well.
We help such patient in preparing legal documents for import and connecting them with genuine suppliers to secure genuine products.

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